Sam Baum


Jazz is Sam's Language

Sam began to play jazz piano in 2005 when he was 13, and immediately it was clear that jazz was Sam's language. Like many people on the autistic spectrum, Sam had never found the standard give and take of conversation easy or natural. Jazz improvisation, on the other hand, is where Sam is most clever, expressive, and naturally at home.

Under the expert and caring guidance of his teachers, Trudy SilverDanny Mixon, David Dormeus, Gary DialDan Kaufman and Adam Rafferty, Sam has blossomed as a musician, becoming more and more skilled in the complex language of jazz improvisation and creating his own very expressive and personal style.

We are all extremely appreciative of their supportive and encouraging involvement in Sam's musical education as well as that of many other musicians Sam has encountered on his short musical journey so far. Jimmy OwensReggie Workman,Robert ReddJohn Jensen, Billy Taylor, Roni Ben-Hur, Jeff Warschauer, Gili Sharett, Tardo Hammer, Vinnie Martucci and Roswell Rudd have all been helpful and deserve heartfelt thanks.

In addition to jazz, Sam has explored klezmer and other areas of popular music. We look forward to Sam's musical future.

Recent video about Sam by Gabby Caplan